How we care for our Residents


At Croft House we adopt a person-centred approach to caring for our residents. This approach ensures every resident is treated with respect and dignity and we strive to maintain their independence and be sensitive to their ever changing needs and abilities.

We encourage all our residents to exercise choice, wherever possible and for as long as possible, in all aspects of their daily life and in the continuous planning of their care. We value and encourage their opinions along with those of their families and all people we deal with here at Croft House.

All our residents and their families are encouraged to be involved in their individualised care plans which are monitored continuously.


Personal Care Services

At Croft house we have access to a wide variety of specialist practitioners who visit our home on a regular basis, or on whom we can call when required.

The services covered are as follows:

  • We have a weekly visits from our local GP
  • Our Chiropodist visits every 6 weeks
  • Our Hairdresser visits every week
  • We have an holistic therapist who visits every two weeks
  • We have opticians and audiologists who visit on request.


Nurse Call System

All rooms and bathrooms are fitted with our nurse call system. This is a simple but effective system where residents can call for assistance or call with an emergency.


To contact Giles and Victoria Bateman at Croft House Care Home:

Call 01535 654989


Or visit us on Main Road, Eastburn, BD20 7SJ

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Proud to be rated as "Outstanding in Care"By the Care Quality Commission!

Proud to be rated as "Outstanding in Care"

By the Care Quality Commission!