Day Care Services


At Croft House we are registered for two Day Care places per day.

If you are visiting for Day Care, you can arrive at anytime of day and can stay as long as you like! Day Care clients can take full advantage of all the facilities we offer from having a shower or a bath, enjoying our entertainment either here or if we are going out for a day, or simply having a rest from having to prepare meals and of course chatting and socialising with our other residents.

All our meals and drinks and entertainment are included in the daily cost of £55 (from 09.04.19).

Whilst clients should be preferably brought to Croft House and collected we can in some circumstances offer help with transport.

Please feel free to call and discuss any questions you may have regarding Day Care with any of our team.

To contact Giles and Victoria Bateman at Croft House Care Home:

Call 01535 654989


Or visit us on Main Road, Eastburn, BD20 7SJ

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Proud to be rated as "Outstanding in Care"By the Care Quality Commission!

Proud to be rated as "Outstanding in Care"

By the Care Quality Commission!